[Nagnagnag] Subduing Demons 2 ?? (AB-CD)

Simon simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 19 08:27:19 PST 2006

Hi Greg,

I hope you are not disappointed.  Part 2 is very different to Part 1, so
don't expect a repeat. Whilst I will buy anything Mr Kirk puts out, this
isn't one that I immediately grab for when I need a Kirk fix.  Probably
best listened to on headphones and give it your full attention, just
don't fall asleep!



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Simon wrote:

>however the catalogue number is correct for Part 2 (cat no for Part 1
You are absolutely right - I had the catalogue number wrong.  I just 
ordered it.  Thanks.

Who here has heard it? and what do you all think?  Liking part 1 so 
much, I look forward to hearing part 2.



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