[Nagnagnag] New Eric Random CD on LTM

paulus hook p_hook at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 19 20:41:29 EDT 2005

Hey there James,

I thought I'd forward you some feedback regarding your
latest Eric Random release.  These snips come from the
well informed enthusiasts on the Nag Nag Nag list.

Are there plans for a second Eric Random disc?


Another annoying geek with bandwidth (aka p_hook)

----begin snips----

>>> danny.thierens at kochglitsch.com writes:

>>> The upcoming Eric Random CD on LTM does not seem
>>> to include the tracks from the 'Mad as Mankind' 12", which
>>> makes me a bit sad:
>>> Eric Random & the Bedlamites, 'Mad as Mankind'
>>> (Doublevision) 12" [DVR_7] ©1984
>>> I always thought of the 'Mad' 12" as being the cool baby
>>> brother of Cabaret Voltaire's 'The Crackdown'.  I've never
>>> been able to find a good quality copy of this 12", only bad
>>> quality mp3s.  Too bad that this re-issue misses a chance
>>> to get this little gem back into the world.

>> r.smith at bbc.co.uk

>> Yep, 'Mad as Mankind' is missing, but not having heard
>> anything from Eric except this 12", I can say that anyone
>> who likes 'Western Mantra' up to 'Crackdown' will LOVE this
>> CD.  Stephen Mallinder is involved with much of it, and so
>> is Richard Kirk.  If someone had said it was actually
>> unreleased Cabaret Voltaire, I'd would have believed them.
>> 'Subliminal 1980-82' sounds better than the 'Mad' material,
>> in my humble opinion.  It's an essential purchase!

> carsten at framed-dimension.de writes:

> Too bad 'Subliminal' misses the complete 'Time-Splice' album
> and everything afterwards.

> The only reason I'd keep the 'Mad' 12" is because it's a rare
> Eric Random record on Doublevision.  Musically it's his weakest
> release.  It's just another funky electronic 80s club single with
> female vocals.  'Mad' is actually the first real letdown from him.

----end snips----

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