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This is a global communication from the intone arts foundation

Intone productions has decided to make available online via
awal/itunes. A substantial section of Richard H Kirk's musical archive.
Most of this material Is now unavailable on compact disc or vinyl.

Whilst intone productions would prefer the downloading of entire
albums, as this is how the material was meant to be heard, due to the
nature of the system, individual tracks can now be accessed.Whatever
our future co-ordinates, this material will be available to you for the
forseeable future.

Intone productions will continue to release musical product via compact
disc and vinyl, upcoming projects for 2006 include - SANDOZ IN DUB
CHAPTER TWO_live in the earth, URP VOL4- intone unreleased projects
2003-2005(expresso elektro-congo), and an as yet untitled ep for Dust
Science recordings.

Be seeing you.

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