[Nagnagnag] Press Release - Richard H Kirk Monday 17th October 2005

Mark Kolmar mark at burningrome.com
Mon Oct 17 15:36:05 EDT 2005

Anyone have a clue whether Bit Crackle will be released on CD?

Anyone else find it deeply ironic that the work of the world's most 
paranoid man is now sold with heavy digital rights management? -- i.e. 
the machine will determine how and when these files may be used.

We're seeing great strides forward in terms of ease of distribution, 
reducing overhead, etc.  But the actual audio fidelity is moving backwards.

I have very mixed feelings about iTunes, and services like it.  One 
potential, easy side effect can be your music collection survives only 
as long as your computer (or hard drive) does.  Generally, it's possible 
to burn the audio to a CD.  While the files sound pretty good, they are 
decidedly *not* CD quality.

I have other, more arcane concerns about kids who will grow up hearing 
almost exclusively perceptually-encoded music -- sound on TV & radio, 
internet radio services, DVD, and video games is all lossy....  (I mean 
lossy like MP3 is lossy -- not on a technicality like the way FM radio 
and the audio on VHS tapes works.)


Jon Whitney wrote:
> Richard H Kirk, founder member of influential band Cabaret Voltaire, and
> considered by many as thegodfather of British electronic music, today
> releases selections from his solo catalogue and his Intonelabel on the
> iTunes Music Store. Seventeen rare and hard to find albums are available
> to download from today on iTunes in the UK,Europe, USA & Canada including
> the previously unreleased Bit Crackle project.
> Following is the list of albums available
> Agents With False Memories - Agents With False Memories (1996)
> Al Jabr - One Million And Three (1998)
> Bit Crackle - Afro Digital (2001 Unreleased)
> Blacworld - Subduing Demons In South Yorkshire (2000)
> Dark Magus - Night Watchmen (1997)
> Digital Terrestrial - Aural Illusions (2001)
> Electronic Eye - Closed Circuit (1994)
> Electronic Eye - The Idea Of Justice (1995)
> Electronic Eye - Neurometrik (2000)
> Nitrogen - Intoxica (1996)
> Orchestra Terrestrial - Here And Elsewhere (2001)
> Richard H Kirk - Step Write Run (Alphaphone Volume One) (1996)
> Richard H Kirk - Darkness At Noon (1999)
> Richard H Kirk - LoopStatic (amine ss ring modulations) (2000)
> Sandoz - Every Man Got Dreaming (1995)
> Sandoz - God Bless The Conspiracy (1997)
> Trafficante - Is This Now ? (1997)
> You can also visit Richard's official website www.richardhkirk.com
> Presented by Awal UK - Digital distribution and marketing For further
> enquiries please contact press at awal.co.uk
> jonwhitney
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