[Nagnagnag] Umbrellas in the sun

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Sun May 29 13:21:23 EDT 2005

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   Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 00:56:39 -0000
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Subject: Re: Umbrellas In The Sun

Its a fine complilation and full of odd, curious things. 

This contains the only known footage of Josef K I am reliably
informed...pity some 6th Form art student got hold of it and
interspersed it with footage of someone playing with what looks likes
that green slime you could get from joke shops. 

The New Order clip is extraordinary, a prototype version of E.G.G,
complete with a somewhat wired looking Barney whooping, shouting and
banging the mike against his head.

The Cabaret Voltaire clip is ace. Some of the clips are a bit 'someone
got a video camera for Xmas 1981 and thinks he's Godley & Creme'.  In
some cases, esp Durutti, this detracts from the soundtrack....Great
tunes throughout though (all re-mastered & good sound). Never heard
'Dolphins Spurt' by Minny Pops before..its fabulous. 

Anyway I'm not complaining, and if it weren't for LTM none of this
stuff would ever see the light of day again. Hope there is more where
this one came from. 




Anyone have it yet?  Is this the only DVD release of "Sluggin' "?
Does anyone know if I already have it on video?  :-)


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