[Nagnagnag] Blacworld Part 2

TJ Lawless tjlawless at hotmail.com
Sat May 28 22:47:32 EDT 2005

Dear all

Have just realised on initial listening to the Blacworld CD that it is 
indeed the soundtrack that accompanied the Reverend Kirk's digital art 
installation project in York,at the Art Gallery in around 2002 I think, 
which was a completely seminal affair too as I recall. Hearing it now takes 
me back to sitting on a sofa and being bombarded with incessant images on 
enormous screens of Iraq, Bush, pornography, Kirk himself, war, torture etc 
etc....a CD best listened to in the dark for truly terrifying effect! 
Hypnotic and sinister but even better with the imagery that accompanied 

The installation ran all day, I think in October 2002, and after re-visiting 
it 3 times, the images were truly spontaneous and random and never repeated 

Thanks Kirky for releasing this at last! Now can you release the 
installation on DVD perhaps?

Cheers Cabbers


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