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Thierens, Danny Danny.Thierens at KochGlitsch.com
Mon May 2 03:33:43 EDT 2005

Blacworld - Subduing Demons In South Yorkshire CD (Intone) [INTONE007CD]
$16.50 RELEASE DATE: 05-17-2005
http://www.ear-rational.com/detail.php?id=18026 "Written, arranged and
produced by Richard H Kirk, Blacworld is one of Kirks lesser known side
projects, being issued as an audio CD in its own right due to popular
demand. An exercise in sonic meditation and satanic dub, essentially an
ambient remix of blacworld - subduing demons in south yorkshire (alphaphone
cd7, 2000). Clocking in as a single track at a staggering 53 minutes 52
seconds, I.D.s have been added at relevant points throughout to enable the
listener to easily access into the body of the track should they so desire.
Due to the hypnotic nature of the soundscapes, it is a genre defying
composition that soon draws in the listener to terrifying effect." 


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