[Nagnagnag] Bastards of Love

Lee Evans snaveeel at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 30 07:40:26 EST 2005

>The vocals on "Sample 1" remind at times of Lowlife vocalist
Craig Lorentson, broken and saturnine.  >

Wow - another Lowlife fan exists on this list! Mind you, I don't agree that 
the sample sounds like Lorentson - the voice is a bit forced and 
'melodramatic'  in comparison (IMHO, of course)...

Have you heard the Gush album? It's one that I've never seen for sale and 
wonder whether I'm missing anything...

Lowlife are one of the most under-rated bands of the late 80s-early 90s for 

I assume you know of http://www.permanentsleep.com/ ?

(back to lurk mode)


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