[Nagnagnag] Boek over 70's Sheffieldscene!

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>  Subject: [Nagnagnag] beats working for a living
>  anyone know much about the new book Beats Working For A Living by
>  Martin Lilleker?  have just seen a short description on
>  inthenursery.com but not sure if there are any other outlets for it
>  yet...really would like to order it, but at around 50USD seems a
>  little pricey (also comes out around the same time as the new
>  Neubauten book and (hopefully) new edition of England's Hidden
>  Reverse...)
>  anyway, seems like it would interest quite a few on this list...
>  "IN THE NURSERY's formative years are retold in a new book BEATS
>  WORKING FOR A LIVING The Story Of Popular Music In Sheffield
>  1973 to 1984. Written by local journalist Martin Lilleker a chapter is
>  devoted to ITN.
>  Included with the book is a CD featuring tracks by: Artery, Chakk,
>  They Must Be Russians, The Comsat Angels, 2.3, Vena Cava,
>  Vice Versa, Pulp (with Death Comes To Town, a track never released
>  before), Mau Maus, Disease, Hula, The Negatives,
>  I'm So Hollow, The Extras, In The Nursery, Graph, Stunt Kites, Dig Vis
>  Drill, The Box, Artery, I'm So Hollow and The Past 7 Days."
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