[Nagnagnag] beats working for a living

Doug Wittner wittner at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 09:48:33 EST 2005

anyone know much about the new book Beats Working For A Living by
Martin Lilleker?  have just seen a short description on
inthenursery.com but not sure if there are any other outlets for it
yet...really would like to order it, but at around 50USD seems a
little pricey (also comes out around the same time as the new
Neubauten book and (hopefully) new edition of England's Hidden

anyway, seems like it would interest quite a few on this list...

"IN THE NURSERY's formative years are retold in a new book BEATS
WORKING FOR A LIVING The Story Of Popular Music In Sheffield
1973 to 1984. Written by local journalist Martin Lilleker a chapter is
devoted to ITN.

Included with the book is a CD featuring tracks by: Artery, Chakk,
They Must Be Russians, The Comsat Angels, 2.3, Vena Cava,
Vice Versa, Pulp (with Death Comes To Town, a track never released
before), Mau Maus, Disease, Hula, The Negatives,
I'm So Hollow, The Extras, In The Nursery, Graph, Stunt Kites, Dig Vis
Drill, The Box, Artery, I'm So Hollow and The Past 7 Days."

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