[Nagnagnag] Eric Random

cars10 carsten at framed-dimension.de
Sun Jun 26 20:46:52 EDT 2005

thanks - great news.
been always a fan of his MLP This Is What I Like About Me (featuring CV 
contributions) so I wouldn`t call that off topic. but thats only me.

paulus hook schrieb:

>I have heard some folks on this list mention Eric Random in
>connection with Richard H. Kirk, so I thought I'd pass along
>James Nice's plans to release an Eric Random CD, provisionally
>entitled 'Subliminal 1980-82'.  This release is scheduled to hit
>the streets sometime after this summer on Nice's Les Temps
>Modernes imprint.
>For more information, consult the new releases page at LTM:
>o http://www.ltmpub.freeserve.co.uk/ltmnews.html
>P.S. My apologies if this post is entirely off-topic, as it was not
>intended to be!   ;)
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