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Richard Smith - TW News r.smith at bbc.co.uk
Sun Feb 20 10:06:15 EST 2005

I can't deny it.  Hey it hurts no-one and it makes me happy! 

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richard.smith82 at btopenworld.com writes:

> ...a man who files his CDs in the following method:
> A) by genre... Art rock, electronic, plus a bit of odd stuff at the 
> end, which mainly sends me back to the teenage years...
> B) chronological within each genre...

> C) within each section there's a subsection which links to the 
> previous artist...

> And no, a visitor to my house cannot find a thing.

Richard, this private confession of yours is somewhat reminiscent of Rob
Gordon's autobiographical arrangement of his vinyl records in
the movie 'High Fidelity'!   :D


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