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Talking about Joy Division ...

Division - Let the Movie Begin CD (Interstate) [783983] $19.25
http://www.ear-rational.com/detail.php?id=21104 UK only Official Live
disc is interspersed with rare interviews of all the band members. The
live songs were recorded in various European locations including
rarities from Dutch and Belgian concert performances along with a couple
of rare alternative studio outtakes. 26 tracks in all including
performances of, 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', 'Leaders Of Men',
'Failures', 'Novelty', 'New Dawn Fades', 'Ice Age', 'Shadowplay',
'Passover', 'Transmission', 'At A Later Date', 'Digital', 'Colony',
'Auto Suggestion' and 'Dead Souls'. The rare audio interviews include
all members of Joy Division, some of which have never seen the light of
day before plus spoken word contribution on one number from Martin
Hannett (Band Manager). This is an official release and 25th anniversary
of Ian Curtis's death and the soon to be released movie based on his
life. The eight page fold out full color CD booklet contains lots of Joy
Division images and a detailed biographical article on the band. 

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Interesting how Joy Division played the Hacienda in 1982...

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