[Nagnagnag] Vinyl lovers only ...

Thierens, Danny Danny.Thierens at KochGlitsch.com
Mon Dec 5 12:42:59 PST 2005

I guess this is the 2nd CD of the previously released live set, now on
vinyl (for some reason) ...

	Cabaret Voltaire - Live at the Hacienda 19.02.86 (Vol. 2) LP
(Germanofon) [GET142] $11.75
<javascript:ol('http://www.ear-rational.com/detail.php?id=21167');>  "In
its heyday historic Manchester club The Hacienda hosted everyone from
Gregory Isaacs to Trouble Funk to Cabaret Voltaire, who played there
many times, including opening night in 1982 (with Joy Division). The
1986 live performance featured on this LP was part of a British tour,
shortly before CV signed with Parlophone /EMI and a large part of this
set is made up of early versions of tracks that would later appear on
the Code album." 

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