[Nagnagnag] Kirk heard on TV - Top Gear?!

Blair Rideout blairr at newsguy.com
Mon Dec 5 22:22:35 PST 2005

Nicolas Doye wrote:

>so we had a recent discussion on unlikely places where people have heard
>Cabs music - I think it was an empty discussion as they get no airplay
>So I was rather surprised to hear some RHK on BBC's Top Gear last night.
>If you catch the repeat, it was James May testing the Renault Clio
>(before he started his downhill race against the guy on a bike).
>The track? I think it was a Sandoz track from Every Man Got Dreaming.
>nic (a bit embarrassed that he's admitted to watching Top Gear).
Many years ago while channel-hopping I heard the unmistakable sounds of 
the Cab's "This
is Entertainment" - on, of all things, an Australian children's TV 
programme called "Simon
Townsend's Wonder World" (something like Blue Peter for those in the 
UK...).  The story,
from memory, was about a mobile video games parlour on the back of a 
semi-trailer - somehow
I think they missed the point :)


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