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Did I miss a Kirk release then?  Subduing Demons In South Yorkshire Part 2 - An Exercise In Sonic Meditation.

Gosh, how did that happen?  I suppose it is Summer holiday time though... or has this been out for ages?  Am I losing my grip...! But Kirk is sometimes hard to track down, or that's my excuse.  Can't find it on Amazon but will check out Sister Ray - if anyone knows where to buy in the UK, I'd be very happy.

Yes, I agree - Beats are Best!


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  On Fri, 2005-08-12 at 20:08 +1000, Adam Read wrote:
  > http://www.richardhkirk.com/

  None of Amazon UK, Yahoo or Google return anything about Digital
  Afterlife (wrt RHK).

  I assume its his next album?

  The question is: will it have beats?

  1) Digital - so yes
  2) Afterlife - so no

  I can't even be arsed with Subduing Demons II... Give me back my beats!

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