[nagnagnag] Subduing Demons (Vol.2)

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I appreciate the update, and am glad to hear things are going well.

Thanks for the link about the new cd as well.

keep on,


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>Subject: [nagnagnag] Subduing Demons (Vol.2)
>Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 15:59:10 +0000
> >From the horse's mouth...(just bumped into him up in Broomhill)...hope I 
>got this right:
>"INTONECD007, ~53 minutes, ambient(-ish), should be available (in the UK) 
>mid-May, through SRD."
>Found this on Amazon:
>He seemed in reasonably good spirits, although is toying with the idea of 
>relocating to sunny Spain - well, we're none of us getting any younger -  
>what with his imminent Council Tax "re-banding" and all...
>He said he's been working with Mark Stewart (ex-Maffia)...but didn't give 
>details. Also doing various remix work for other artists (didn't give 
>details). Tantalisingly, he also mentioned resurrecting dealings with Peter 
>"Johnny YesNo" Care, but, again, didn't give...
>Listening-wise, he said he's been enjoying the recent Jack Nitzsche 
>retrospective, and he recommended Simon Reynolds' "Rip it up and start 
>again" as "a good read".
>Dr. Vibes.
>ps. Battery Operated's 're.cord' is out now, on 
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