[nagnagnag] Subduing Demons (Vol.2)

Mark Fuller dr_vibes at lycos.com
Thu Apr 14 16:59:10 EDT 2005

>From the horse's mouth...(just bumped into him up in Broomhill)...hope I got this right:

"INTONECD007, ~53 minutes, ambient(-ish), should be available (in the UK) mid-May, through SRD."

Found this on Amazon:


He seemed in reasonably good spirits, although is toying with the idea of relocating to sunny Spain - well, we're none of us getting any younger -  what with his imminent Council Tax "re-banding" and all...

He said he's been working with Mark Stewart (ex-Maffia)...but didn't give details. Also doing various remix work for other artists (didn't give details). Tantalisingly, he also mentioned resurrecting dealings with Peter "Johnny YesNo" Care, but, again, didn't give...

Listening-wise, he said he's been enjoying the recent Jack Nitzsche retrospective, and he recommended Simon Reynolds' "Rip it up and start again" as "a good read".

Dr. Vibes.

ps. Battery Operated's 're.cord' is out now, on http://www.cocosolidciti.com
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