[Nagnagnag] Cabs "Body & Soul" and "Code" HELP ME!!!

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Wed Apr 6 03:37:57 EDT 2005

i find Code on CD all the time when I'm in London - perhaps a London
Nagger can peek for you next time they're browsing around...

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Grant Regnaert wrote:

> Hello all you fellow Cabbers and Kirkers!!!
>     I am looking for cabs  Body& Soul and Code on cd only, (as I already
> have them on vinyl).
> My ENTIRE Cabs/Kirk collection are all on cd, except for those 2 albums.:-(
>      If anyone has one/both of these on cd i would GLADLY BUY them or TRADE
> them, as I have many RARE CABS/KIRK material on vinyl(i.e. I have the1996
> 12" EP "Cold Warrier" in mint, 36 glorious minutes., I have a couple cd's of
> Kirk's live material from Montreal And England, EXcellent sound quality,
> around the 2000/Blackworld period, each live cd is over 60 minutes. Time
> High Fiction @ 2 x LP-also mint, the 12" single of Suxeono "Alchemy"(4 track
> e.p.) of which 3 tracks are remixed by are friend RH KIRK 27 min. total 21
> minutes are all Kirk, The Xon "mood set" 12" EP, etc,, etc.) Also have other
> rare OOP LP's and cd's (i.e. Throbbing Gristle, Muslimgauze, LPD, Lagowski ,
> Many rare OOP Coil items. Chris and Cosey, Hafler Trio, NWW, Cluster, Rare
> Kraftwerk shows/videos etc, etc,
> Please e-mail me at tripreset at hotmail.com.    My name is Grant Richard
> Regnaert a HUGE CABS FAN!!! please contact me any and all trades/$$
> considered.
> Thanks......XON ON CABBERS...............I am about to get CLONKED on the
> head by friend because i have to go now.
> PLEASE E-mail me and leave a message after the BLEEP!!   ;-)
> Best,
> Grant
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