[Nagnagnag] Cabs "Body & Soul" and "Code" HELP ME!!!

Edward Arthur ed.arthur at comcast.net
Wed Apr 6 02:36:39 EDT 2005

Great intro Grant.
Wish I was witty.

EBay is a good place to look for these.  You can set up a "watch" to email
you when they are up for sale.  That's the way many of us filled out our
collections.  Depending on your desire and pocket book (never overbid
on EBay) there are other sources like www.musicstack.com and www.gemm.com
but these are expen$ive.  Another trick is to visit EVERY used CD store you come
across.  I picked up "Groovy Laid Back and ..." this way and played it exactly once or twice or three times.  Its not a favorite.


> Hello all you fellow Cabbers and Kirkers!!!
>     I am looking for cabs  Body& Soul and Code on cd only, (as I already 
> have them on vinyl).
> My ENTIRE Cabs/Kirk collection are all on cd, except for those 2 albums.:-(
>      If anyone has one/both of these on cd i would GLADLY BUY them or TRADE 
> them, as I have many RARE CABS/KIRK material on vinyl(i.e. I have the1996 
> 12" EP "Cold Warrier" in mint, 36 glorious minutes., I have a couple cd's of 
> Kirk's live material from Montreal And England, EXcellent sound quality, 
> around the 2000/Blackworld period, each live cd is over 60 minutes. Time 
> High Fiction @ 2 x LP-also mint, the 12" single of Suxeono "Alchemy"(4 track 
> e.p.) of which 3 tracks are remixed by are friend RH KIRK 27 min. total 21 
> minutes are all Kirk, The Xon "mood set" 12" EP, etc,, etc.) Also have other 
> rare OOP LP's and cd's (i.e. Throbbing Gristle, Muslimgauze, LPD, Lagowski , 
> Many rare OOP Coil items. Chris and Cosey, Hafler Trio, NWW, Cluster, Rare 
> Kraftwerk shows/videos etc, etc,
> Please e-mail me at tripreset at hotmail.com.    My name is Grant Richard 
> Regnaert a HUGE CABS FAN!!! please contact me any and all trades/$$ 
> considered.
> Thanks......XON ON CABBERS...............I am about to get CLONKED on the 
> head by friend because i have to go now.
> PLEASE E-mail me and leave a message after the BLEEP!!   ;-)
> Best,
> Grant
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