[Nagnagnag] BCD 12" Reviews!

simon simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk
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Hi Dean,
Thanks, mine arrived yesterday!  Reviewing was never my strong point so
I'll leave that to others.  A couple of questions though:
I know this is pedantic, but the copy on ebay had a nice sleeve sticker,
whereas mine is in a plain black sleeve.  Any reason for this?  Any
stickers left?
The label says original versions available on the album, does this mean
these tracks have been remixed?
Anyway, thanks for your efforts to get this released, always happy to
get new Kirk product!
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Hi all,

As everyone here hopefully knows - the BCD 12" 'False Kings Of The
Earth' is in stock and everyone who had pre-ordered should most
definitely have in hand by now! 

Also, the dPulse/Pulsolid store is up at
http://store.dpulse-america.com, Kirk is out featured release (of
course) at www.dpulse-america.com and we could REALLY USE REVIEWS OF THE
12" from folks on the list! 



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