[Nagnagnag] Forced Abstinence?

ed.arthur at comcast.net ed.arthur at comcast.net
Thu Sep 23 15:13:10 EDT 2004

I *am* unlucky.
If they only knew how much I *would* order from them...


> They delivered 2 copies of Just Fascination 12" for me safe and sound
> from the states to the UK and very prompt too. Maybe you are unlucky Ed?
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> Anyone have problems with mail order vendor Forced Exposure? Tried to
> order "Blue Sky an' Clear" from them in August, still haven't gotten
> things resolved.  Would like to cancel the order (they don't even reply
> to my emails - phone conversations are "send email") but I'm afraid if I
> order from somewhere else it will eventually turn up.
> Was very happy to find out about them since they're within the same
> metropolitan region (downside is I have to pay state tax) but this has
> been very frustrating...
> Time to fax them again...
> /Ed

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