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><< earlier / later also loses for the collector - plenty of unreleased stuff 
>and only the martyrs of palestine a-side thrown in. >>
>I just do not agree with that. Earlier i like a lot. "Never lose your shadow" 
>f.e. is  a very good track. Etc. Martyrs of Palestine sounds a lot more up to 
>date then it did the last ten years and not only for the electrorevival.

I like nearly all the stuff RHK does / did but it would have been a little more complete with the hipnotic mix thrown in or leaving them both out of this compilation as they where already published.

On the other note Martyrs Of Palestine sadly never went out of being up to date thematically. I can`t remember one single year since I was old enough listening to the news without notices about the ongoing fights. Very sad topic.

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