Antw: RE: [Nagnagnag] URP3? Redux

cars10 carsten at
Fri Nov 19 20:46:59 EST 2004

At 09:39 12.11.2004, you wrote:

>Is Redux worth getting for the bonus disc material?

For completists yes. On the other hand it`s not all the vinyl only stuff from that era so it`s a bit disappointing.
I listened only twice to it since I got it - it doesn`t stand up to the original album, maybe if you find the perfect running order it will be more impressive - so it`s sort of a bonus (for buying the same album again). the 12" ep is more interesting but not extraordinary brilliant. 
earlier / later also loses for the collector - plenty of unreleased stuff and only the martyrs of palestine a-side thrown in. hipnotic was at least equal challenging and the chances to get the 12" version reissued are now probably as high as a forthcoming Greatest Hits compilation of Richard H. Kirk.
I think both mute releases suffer a bit of careless / cheap looking artwork (the accompanying EP´s don`t have any besides the label) and I`m starting to get slightly pissed of searching for track data in the cd spine OVER AND OVER.

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