[Nagnagnag] kirk

john smith jean_marclawtonll at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 18 11:33:36 EST 2004

Many thanks to all the people who sent messages of encouragement and so 
forth during my recent prolonged illness. They were very much appreciated 
and I am a lot better now.

I believe that everybody who ordered a copy of the last Yorkshire Ham got 
one with the cd of remixes. A friend of mine volunteered to send them out 
and he believes he managed to send them to all those who paid for them. 
There are a very few left if anyone still wants one.

I may even do another one if there is a demand for it.

Anyway I have permission to go and see Mr.Kirk in Bristol tonight, indeed I 
am being chauffer driven to the event (I told you he'd play Bristol Pat!) 
For those of you that don't know the Cube, its behind the hospital near the 
Hippodrome. Its an old flea pit cinema (I have been told that it was a porn 
cinema) which has been done up as a very left of field arts complex, there's 
a bar that only sells beers you've never heard of, like Polish lagers with 
no vowels in the name, easier to ask for when you're pissed, and that's 
pissed in the English sense (drunk) rather than the colonial american sense 
(angry) They also sell absinthe which is highly recomended for those of an 
artistic bent (pissheads) The 'performance' room is the old cinema, about 
100 completely unreconditioned (knackered) wooden cinema seats and a small 
stage. Its very intimate and homely; I once saw a man mix popcorn, joss 
sticks and a revolving cactus with a video camera and micro beats here, oh 
and an early 60's Godzilla movie with subtitles and a man playing trombone 
on stage as a soundtrack, but hey Bristol is that kind of place. Geir Jensen 
(Biosphere) played here a while ago and loved the acoustics.

Kirk hangs out in Bristol a fair bit these days as he gets all his recent 
output produced here, in fact Bristol these days is very reminiscent of 
mid-80's Sheffield, but a bit trippier.

We're in for a treat boys and girls, but wrap up warm its drizzling and the 
forecast is more rain on the way.

Don't worry Simon I've got my 'decent' camera with me, none of this digital 
rubbish, so I'll take a few pictures.


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