Antw: RE: [Nagnagnag] URP3?

Lee Evans snaveeel at
Fri Nov 12 08:39:37 EST 2004

>From: ed.arthur at
"Also, its seems "Blue Skied An Clear" has been released in the USA.
I picked up a copy from for ~$15 including shipping.
Is this the 2 disc version or a 1 disc version, anyone know?"

Don't know about the 1 or 2 disc thing Ed, but I do know that I LOVE that 
album. If you haven't already got it also check out the Putting the Morr 
Back in Morrissey comp too.

I know that a few on here don't agree, but I reckon Morr Music are a great 

...getting back on message...

Just taken delivery of Truck Bombers, URP3 and Earlier/Later so haven't 
listened much. Early indications are that:

Truck Bombers is RHKs  best release in ages
URP1 is my fave, ahead of 3 then 2
Earlier - some good stuff, some filler, but the good stuff sounds really 
fresh, almost like a precursor to clicks n cuts stuff of recent years
Later - again, some good (the Can cover), Martyrs of Palestine, with some 

Is Redux worth getting for the bonus disc material?

Finally, I noticed that mego - have a sale on at the moment, 
with BCD and Orchestra Terrestrial available for around €8 (about 6 quid 
incl VAT) - had good service from them in the past.


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