[Nagnagnag] URP3?

Paul Pisano cheep at erols.com
Wed Nov 10 20:37:10 EST 2004

I haven't bought URP3 yet, but just thought I'd pass on my opinion of the
first two.  I thought URP1 was weak - too repetitious without any hooks to
keep me engaged.  But I really liked URP2.  Can't really give any really
good reasons why, just found myself shaking my butt to it.


And while I'm sharing my thoughts, I'd just like to say that I was really
disappointed in Kirk's Earlier/Later release.  That seemed like just a bunch
of throwaway tapes burned to disc - no real structure to the cuts and not
very interesting.  The type of release that only completetists(?) like us
would buy - and yet not good enough to even keep us (or at least me) happy.
Anyone else like it?  And if so, why?


Paul P.



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I think it's the best URP of the series.  You have some thumping beats, some
nice dub bass and yet some mellow ambient tracks.  I was a little skeptical,
as I was not huge on the first 2 URP's.  I now have to go back and
re-listen, because 3 to me is close to a masterpiece.


Jon Whitney <turbid at turbid.com> wrote:

anybody have any feedback on this yet?

come on, it's november and kirk's only had 4 full-length releases so far
this year

let's get with it!


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