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Nice one Adam....  I met him at a CV gig in the early 90s (Brixton) and yes, a really nice approachable guy.

Just got my triple package from Amazon (and listing to Redux CD2 at the moment)....  great stuff.  Earlier/later is going to take some getting into I think!  URP2 (nice cover) is quite beaty on first listening...

Check out thegreedyeye site for info on "The Truck Bombers of Suburbia Uptown"..... and URP 3, as you mention -  this really is turning into a Kirk year!! 


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  Pleasantly, I bumped into a one Mr R.H. Kirk after the TG show on sunday.

  Having seen TG many times in the past, he thought this show was an equal in
  sound and content.

  The URP project has a 3rd volume coming soon which will fulfill his ambition
  of 'getting it all out there and moving on'

  He is a very nice and approachable man and was a pleasure to meet.
  Shame I couldn't see him play at RE~TG.


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