[Nagnagnag] Kirk's Mute package ...

Thierens, Danny ThierenD at kochind.com
Mon May 10 11:16:53 EDT 2004

Multiple personality disorder ? Boredom ? Too much to drink ? As long as the
music is OK, I don't really care.

Was that Amazon UK that started shipping. Ear-Rational (USA) still hasn't
seen theirs, they expect to find out today.


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On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 15:47, Thierens, Danny wrote:
> Nice info on URP 2 ... Where does he keep coming up with those aliases 
> ?!

More importantly, why?

I understand his desire to have the Sandoz project as opposed to RHK, but
why a new name for every other album/unreleased track?


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