[Nagnagnag] Kirk's Mute package ...

Thierens, Danny ThierenD at kochind.com
Mon May 10 05:18:51 EDT 2004

... arrived - in full - last Friday. I've only had a chance to listen to
disc # 2 of _Digital Lifeforms_ and really like it. Very much along the same
lines as the early _Sandoz_ and _Electronic Eye_ stuff, with early _Sweet
Exorcist_ thrown in for extra bleep-ness.

The pictures on the cover of _Earlier/Later_ are pretty cool, nice hairdo
RHK !!! I don't have the CD in front of me, but I think those pictures were
taken in '74 ... around the time CV started. 

Looking forward to listening to the rest of the stuff soon ... Still waiting
for URP 2 !


PS : There was a link at the Warp site (www.warprecords.com
<www.warprecords.com> ) to http://www.sheffieldvision.com/
<http://www.sheffieldvision.com/>  with a cool picture of early CV. I don't
know if the link is still there ...

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