[Nagnagnag] New remix of Sweet Exorcist - Testfour ? (+ random thoughts on a busy working afternoon)

Thierens, Danny ThierenD at kochind.com
Tue Mar 23 08:20:14 EST 2004

Hi all,

There appears to be "blackstrobe live edit" of the above track on the _Death
Disco_ compilation. Has anyone heard this ? More info on this compilation at


PS : PiL's _Death Disco_ (and the great "cover" version by Belgium's _Arbeid
Adelt !_) is getting rotation again on the local radio. This is probably
going to be next hype, after the electro-revival. I was just listening to
_The Rapture_ recently and was surprised by how they manage to make
rips-offs from a lot of early '80s classics and still sounds pretty much OK.
I'm sure that the early '80s Cabs stuff will be hip again soon ...

PPS : Been banging my head on the latest _Killing Joke_ full-length,
released mid '03 (I know, I'm slow ...). _Asteroid_ is a superb track. They
seem to have picked up the thread that _Ministry_ dropped years ago (bring
back _Psalm 69_ now !!!). This reminds me that I have to listen to that
_Lard_ stuff again (_Ministry_ bunch + Jello Biafra). Somehow I find that
music like that isn't made/released anymore ... Perhaps I'm just getting

PPPS (final one) : My 6-month old daughter seemed to like RHK's _The Number
Of Magic_. On with the education !!!

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