[Nagnagnag] Interesting tidbit...is it real?

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Tue Mar 16 12:42:18 EST 2004

Ok, I'll admit it, Dave Palfreeman has always been my absolute, most 
favorite !!! member of Cabaret Voltaire, sorry Richard.

Seriously folks, from the Cabs to the Screaming Trees, a girl can only 

I am interested to know what the experts think!


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>Dave Palfreeman, born October 16, 1960 in Stockton-on-Tees, England, became 
>the Cocteau Twins' first percussionist in 1993. He played drums and 
>percussion in various bands since a teenager (a long time ago), notably 
>Sedition, Hula and the Screaming Trees, before joining Cabaret Voltaire in 
>1991. He has also worked in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Greg 
>Nash on a series of dance projects. It was through Cabaret Voltaire that he 
>met up with the Cocteau Twins, became friends and seemed the obvious choice 
>when it came to choosing a percussionist.
>Dave has his own label, Groove Recording Products, and is currently working 
>on his own project as well as contributing to Simon Raymonde's solo album.
>from: http://www.cocteautwins.com/html/theband/other_members.html
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