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1) The record has indeed been delayed for several months now. Our 
original street date was to be in NOVEMBER 2003. It is now June 2004. 
The record (specifically, 'Indiana Cuba 7' has been remastered (twice), 
previous test pressings from plants in the US and Germany were rejected 
due to sound quality issues voiced by the artist.

The final test pressings (from the third manufacturer!)  are now in the 
hands of the artist and we are awaiting approval. We expect this 
literally within the next day or two, and the record would then be 
available within two weeks.

We do apologize for the incredibly long delay and am well aware that 17 
folks paid in advance. This remains a very important release for this 
little label, as we remitted a small fortune in licensing fees and now 
multiple production costs.

We have been genuinely thankful for the patience up to this point ---- 
if we had known this was going to be such a numbingly trying endeavour, 
we may not have done it at all --- but the hope is that the record will 
mark a return of the artist's music to the US underground chart scene, 
and that would make it well worth the effort and price paid in patience.

3) We had previously and on several instances issued full refund for 
those few people who reserved their copy of the 12", but who wished 
instead to cancel their order. That option is open to all.


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