[Nagnagnag] Electronic Bible 7"

Gescom at aol.com Gescom at aol.com
Sun Jul 25 17:45:08 EDT 2004

simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk writes:

>I received my copy of Electronic Bible 7 inch today.

Wow, I had no idea about this one.  The link you gave us
revealed this track listing:

1. Large Number, 'I Shot Her at the Setting of the Sun'
2. Kings Have Long Arms, 'F1 Nymphomaniac'
3. Pat Riot (Richard H. Kirk), 'Who's Afraid'

I guess track three is the only Kirk track.  Anyone know more
on this release?  I wonder how many are in print.  Simon, I'd
love to know what you think of the record, especially the Kirk


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