[Nagnagnag] New Cabs?

Lee Evans snaveeel at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 5 13:35:55 EDT 2004

The catalogue number is for the Yashar release on NovaMute. The track names 
don't match with those quoted on ebay. Looks dodgy unless the tracks were 
renamed for an overseas release?


>From: "simon" <simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk>
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>To: <nagnagnag at hollyfeld.org>
>Subject: [Nagnagnag] New Cabs?
>Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 08:04:00 +0100
>Hi folks,
>I've just come across this on ebay:
>82166&rd=1> &category=306&item=4022482166&rd=1
>I have to say I'm suspicious, especially as the location is supposedly
>Halifax, England but the auction is in Taiwanese Dollars.
>Anyone heard any more?
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