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As it happens I bought "The Richest Man in Babylon" just the other day (my
first and only Thievery Corporation disc).  There's some really good tracks on
there....Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes is a really rich and mellow track,
Liberation Front is really funky and groovy.... in fact, it's a pretty good
all rounder...  great for background chill out....  I'll probably seek out
some other CDs.  I also have loads of "Various Artist" CDs (Cafe del Mar, Hed
Kandi, etc.) that feature some Thievery tracks, which got me interested in the
first place.  Good stuff.

As for Kirk....  I too have been listening to his extensive back catalogue of
late... brought on by this lists discussions.  Yes, The Number of Magic is a
truly magnificent CD, but Intoxica is doing it for me right now...  and I
usually have URP playing at some point in the day....  I was also listening to
CVs Plasticity and Body and Soul the other day too....  I really am having a
Kirk year so far!!  Excellent stuff.....


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  What's people's take on Thievery Corporation?


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