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Thu Jan 22 17:07:46 EST 2004

Hi all - [Pat, Clive, the other Richards, Jean-Marc (get well soon) and
everyone else]

Hope you're all having a good start to '04.

I've had my head down for the last couple of months but it's good to see
the Nag list and CV group going strong. 

I was interested to see the reactions to URP. I too felt that it didn't
hit the heights of other stuff RHK has release over the last 5 years. I
played it a couple of times but it is now filed under 'rediscover in a
few years'. Talking of which all the mentions of 'Number of magic' made
me revisit that. Completely brilliant! 'Poets saints revolutionaries'
what a track - everything that makes RHK one of the best.

> ED said: What's people's take on Thievery Corporation?

I bought 'The Mirror Conspiracy' a few years back so they might have
changed but I thought it was quite good. A bit light and airy but not
unpleasantly so. If you like them you might also want to check out Fila
Brazilia. 'Slacker' from the 'Maim that tune' album is an all time
classic. It builds like a Kirk track with this great old fashioned space
invaders marching sound throughout.

Richard (Sedley)

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What's people's take on Thievery Corporation?


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