[Nagnagnag] Kirk in the 90s

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If we are talking about original Kirk works, Orchestra Terrestrial would 
have to be one...marvellous, chilled out classical ambience, not many other 
RHK works similar to it at all...plenty of his earlier stuff was ambient of 
course, but not many with the orchestral feel to it-wish people would stop 
slagging the man off!

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> >    The idea i=of justice comes to mind as one of his weaker works.  i 
> > it was very much of a transitional piece, in that he was working away 
> > ambient stuff into the newer vein.
>I'm one of the rare detractors who totally loves "The Idea...", more
>than "Closed Circuit" for sure.
> >    SHIT!  I never got orchestra terrestrial!!!  Damn!
>IMHO you're not missing much at all...
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