[Nagnagnag] Kirk in the 90s

Charles R. Terhune terhune1 at rcn.com
Wed Jan 14 10:32:56 EST 2004

>Have to disagree with this "Kirk had his best work in 1994" argument I'm 
>afraid..sorry. Obviously there was a good deal of top stuff in that year 
>("The Conversation" amonst them). 

   The idea i=of justice comes to mind as one of his weaker works.  i think 
it was very much of a transitional piece, in that he was working away from 
ambient stuff into the newer vein.

> The stuff he's done since then isevery 
>bit as imaginative-"Chant to Jah" was a masterpiece (and unique in his 
>of work as well) of dub and electronica, love BCD, since the mid 90's he 
>released the Nitrogen stuff, Loopstatic, Neurometrik, (which was 
>to me than the earlier Electronic Eye CD's), TWAT, Orchestra Terrestrial, 

   SHIT!  I never got orchestra terrestrial!!!  Damn!

> plus released the Cabs collections and "Live at the 
>Hacienda", one of my fave live Cabs albums. That first Electronic Eye CD 
>ace-but had its fair share of "filler" tracks and ambient twiddling too 
>which padded out on the 2nd CD....
>He's released weaker albums every so often throughout his career to 
>never saw Number Of Magic or Blacworld as "up there" with his best 
body of 
>work, but has always come back stronger-long live the Kirkster! Neither 
>I rate Digital Terrestrial-but even RHK is allowed to have these odd 
>of mortality!

    Number of magic is one of my favorite discs.  Really superb funk.  I think 
alof of his latest stufff has been spotty.  BCD and TWAT are okay, but not   
terribly "sticky" in my mind.  I love the laast electronic eye cd.  super 

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