[Nagnagnag] Kirk in the 90s

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Tue Jan 13 21:33:25 EST 2004

Have to disagree with this "Kirk had his best work in 1994" argument I'm 
afraid..sorry. Obviously there was a good deal of top stuff in that year 
("The Conversation" amonst them). The stuff he's done since then is every 
bit as imaginative-"Chant to Jah" was a masterpiece (and unique in his body 
of work as well) of dub and electronica, love BCD, since the mid 90's he 
released the Nitrogen stuff, Loopstatic, Neurometrik, (which was different 
to me than the earlier Electronic Eye CD's), TWAT, Orchestra Terrestrial, 
(marvellous)....plus released the Cabs collections and "Live at the 
Hacienda", one of my fave live Cabs albums. That first Electronic Eye CD was 
ace-but had its fair share of "filler" tracks and ambient twiddling too 
which padded out on the 2nd CD....

He's released weaker albums every so often throughout his career to me-I 
never saw Number Of Magic or Blacworld as "up there" with his best body of 
work, but has always come back stronger-long live the Kirkster! Neither did 
I rate Digital Terrestrial-but even RHK is allowed to have these odd moments 
of mortality!



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>Hmm, I don't remember there being a rule that we couldn't have differences 
>of opinion on here.
>Oh wait, is that the one that applies to Groovy Laidback and Nasty?  
>Sometimes I forget about that one...
>Seriously though, I just got done listening to Virtual State and now just 
>cranked up Number of Magic, nice stuff to get you through your day.  I 
>agree with you though Colin, I think there is always a strong theme running 
>through each album.
>Keep on all,
>>Ok, i think i will have to disagree - i find that most of
>>Kirks solo albums are strong from the first track to the
>>I think Kirk is as original now with each album as he as
>>ever been.
>>2003 saw the release of BCD and TWAT - both totally original
>>and nothing like any previous release and dead powerful thru
>>each of their tracks.
>>I know - there always one who has to disagree ...
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