[Nagnagnag] Kirk in the 90s

matthew green greec1 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 12 22:17:58 EST 2004

>Hmm, I don't remember there being a rule that we couldn't have differences 
>of opinion on here.
>Oh wait, is that the one that applies to Groovy Laidback and Nasty?  
>Sometimes I forget about that one...

i actually like gln quite a bit, for what it is. the instrumental remix of 
"easy life" from the 12" is one of my favorite cv tracks of all time, tho i 
like it at 33 instead of 45.

>Seriously though, I just got done listening to Virtual State and now just 
>cranked up Number of Magic, nice stuff to get you through your day.  I 
>agree with you though Colin, I think there is always a strong theme running 
>through each album.

"virtual state" changed my life. that album always ranks in my top five. 
always. i must admit, "closed circuit" has some strong similarities in tone, 
but it seemed to me that he was really trying new things back then. 
"intensely radioactive" is very different than the first sandoz album. he 
was just growing by leaps and bounds. it seems now more like he's going back 
over things he's done before and fleshing out ideas he's already had. i 
don't think bcd is the same as blackworld, but to me they're very similar 
ideas. and both are similar to "agents with false memories" to me.

"one million and three" was really great, and the "orchestral terrestrial" 
(whatever the name was. i forget) was a great album. dark magus was really 
good. but i can't get into bcd of twat or blackworld. . . .they seem like 
variations on an idea and not so new. i must admit, i'm more into the 
trancey stuff than the aggressive stuff, but even so.

of course, it's not fair to ask someone to reinvent themselves every time, 
and there are only so many places to go, but i was just expressing a little 
rhk ennui. pesonally, i think "chant to jah" was a bit lame, too. a little 
more dub, i guess, but kind of dull.

anyway. looks like i sparked a debate, tho. don't get me wrong, i still get 
all his stuff, but i look forward to them less and less lately. speaking of 
new releases, what happened to the bcd 12"? did that come out yet? i 
pre-ordered it, but it seems to have been delayed indefinitely now. i 
haven't seen any word for a while anyway.


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