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Mon Jan 12 09:42:23 EST 2004


I didn't see any responses to your questions, even though I am always 
curious what everyone else thinks.

Here's a few thoughts from me.

>sorry; i'm a little behind.
>is it just me, or does "bush doctrine" sound pretty much like "subduing 
>demons in south yorkshire"? has anyone else compared the two? i haven't 
>gotten "unreleased projects" yet, but i hope it's a little less recycled.

I didn't think so.  I seem to remember that Subduing Demons was part of a 
series of releases, including Loopstatic and D at N.  Do you recall the use of 
similar samples between those works?  I personally didn't find such 
simularities in either samples or other between Bush Doctrine or Subduing 
Demons, but on the other hand, what do I know? ;-)

>i love rhk, but i'm getting a little jaded with his releases. everything 
>sounds a little too much like something before it . . .i was blown away in 
>the early days of "closed circuit" and "intensely radioactive", but these 
>days i procrastinate before buying the next one because i'm afraid of being 
>disappointed. not that it will be bad, but that it won't be new. i suppose 
>he has a wider range than most, but in each 'genre', he more and more just 
>sounds like himself.

I think Kirk is the man of a thousand sounds, it does seem like 'in the old 
days', or maybe we should call it 'the nineties', you never knew what you 
were going to get.  New monikers came out of nowhere, and really, a dark 
magus album didn't sound like a sandoz album, which didn't sound like a 
sweet exorcist album, etc.

I still find this last collection URP to have come out of nowhere.  As it 
does feature tunes from the mid-late nineties to '00 or so, I think you'll 
find that there's going to be some familiar sounds on this one.  As it is 
very beat/dance oriented, I don't think you'll be saying that it reminds you 
of BCD or TWAT, although it may remind you of other material.

As always, just my $0.02, and as always, looking forward to what Kirk'll do 

Keep on,

>but maybe it's just late, and i'm being cranky.
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