[Nagnagnag] blackworld, bush doctrine

matthew green greec1 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 11 05:37:37 EST 2004

sorry; i'm a little behind.

is it just me, or does "bush doctrine" sound pretty much like "subduing 
demons in south yorkshire"? has anyone else compared the two? i haven't 
gotten "unreleased projects" yet, but i hope it's a little less recycled.

i love rhk, but i'm getting a little jaded with his releases. everything 
sounds a little too much like something before it . . .i was blown away in 
the early days of "closed circuit" and "intensely radioactive", but these 
days i procrastinate before buying the next one because i'm afraid of being 
disappointed. not that it will be bad, but that it won't be new. i suppose 
he has a wider range than most, but in each 'genre', he more and more just 
sounds like himself.

but maybe it's just late, and i'm being cranky.

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