[Nagnagnag] Nobody got URP for Christmas I guess?

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 9 10:53:00 EST 2004

Hi Colin,

You are probably right.  I have gotten so used to angry young man Kirk that 
when he goes strictly for the dance party USA sound, I have trouble shifting 
gears I suppose.

BCD and TWAT were a lot more aggressive, and maybe I just like that.  Plus, 
they had that thematic thing going on that I mentioned before, whereas URP 
comes across to me like collection span, which of course it is.  There's 
just a bit of dissonance there that stands out to me.  On some of his other 
albums, you many times get the same samples through-out an album, that's an 
aspect of Kirk's work that I really love, and I guess I just miss it from 
his latest release.

All in all though, it's all good, and also to see some activity here.

Keep on,


>Pat - 2003 was a very good year to be a Kirkster with BCD,
>TWAT and URP.  i think you would have enjoyed URP more if it
>was released prior to BCD and TWAT maybe - they were very
>hard acts to follow.  Lets hope 2004 is just as active.
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> >Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 09:50:00 -0500
> >From: "Pat Slade" <pslade99 at hotmail.com>
> >Subject: Re: [Nagnagnag] Nobody got URP for Christmas I
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> >
> >Wow, gang, nice to see some responses!
> >
> >Maybe it's just me, and yeah it's got beats, but they
>aren't hitting me
> >upside the head like Loopstatic did.  For me, Loopstatic
>was fresh; URP,
> >while top-notch Kirky, seems a bit day-old.
> >
> >I'm well aware that this was a collection of un-released
>material from what,
> >'96-'00, but am I the only one who wonders what prompted
>this release?  Was
> >it even advertised in any press?  Kirk's cds seem to come
>out of nowhere
> >sometimes.  With BCD and TWAT, we sorta had a bit of
>notice, a little bit of
> >sell, but this one just was like: It's November, here's an
>album.  Maybe
> >he's just getting Western Works cleaned up, saw what doing
>Methodology did
> >to the studio.
> >
> >Anyone know if Kirk is playing live these days or in the
>future?  What's he
> >up to?  He had the Subduing Demons installation in York
>back in October.
> >
> >Pat
> >
> >
> >>From: nic <nic at uklinux.net>
> >>Reply-To: nagnagnag at hollyfeld.org
> >>To: nagnagnag at hollyfeld.org
> >>Subject: Re: [Nagnagnag] Nobody got URP for Christmas I
> >>Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 09:36:40 +0000
> >>
> >>On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 21:20, Pat Slade wrote:
> >> > Hey naggers,
> >> >
> >> > Have the times changed that much?  A new Kirk album
>comes out, and the
> >> > response on the nag list is nil?
> >>
> >>I love Kirk's dancey stuff, so I was enjoying each track
>until he
> >>decided to stutter-mix[1] virtually all of them
>into "Earth Loop". Not
> >>that I have anything against Kirk's unique(?) new mixing
>style - it's
> >>pretty kewl - but it interrupts every track on URP.
> >>
> >>In fact "Earth Loop" is one of my favourite tracks of all
>time, and one
> >>of the ones on URP is just a remix of it - which I loved,
>until RHK got
> >>bored and started knob-twiddling and cut it short.
> >>
> >>All in all, a love/hate mix for me. Great tracks, ruined
>by some 2003
> >>reproduction/remixes.
> >>
> >>nic
> >>
> >>Footnotes:
> >>[1] I've just invented this term to describe RHK's new
> >>style. If there's a better way to describe it let me know.
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