[Nagnagnag] Nobody got URP for Christmas I guess?

Thierens, Danny ThierenD at kochind.com
Fri Jan 9 02:45:42 EST 2004

I still have to pick mine up ... I should be ashamed !!! I'm waiting on some
other releases (the new Meat Beat Manifesto stuff !!!) to order a package
from the USA, to avoid postage killing me. Personally, I must thank everyone
involved in bringing the US $ to Euro exchange rate well down, making
shopping in the USA cheaper for this European. Professionally, it sucks
though !!!

Over the holidays, I've been mainly listening to some rare Prince stuff and
Godspeed You ! Black Emperor. How's that for a diverse taste ? Other recent
interesting listening material includes Console, Styrofoam, Air, Goldfrapp
(Yes Sir, I Can Boogie !!!), Queens Of The Stone Age, ... I even managed to
go to a new-wave/gothic/electro festival with Snowy Red, Insekt (original
line-up reformed), Male Or Female (1/2 Front 242) and The Klinik (original
line-up reformed for this one-off gig) ... My ears are still ringing,
although I did bring ear plugs. If you like "power electronics", make sure
to check out the older work of The Klinik.

Time to switch to CV-mode again. I did manage to squeeze Mal's PowWowPlus

Have a good '04, with everything you wish for, when you want it, how you
want it and where you want it.


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Hey naggers,

Have the times changed that much?  A new Kirk album comes out, and the 
response on the nag list is nil?

We've talked about it a little at the Cab club, and I've exchanged a few 
emails with folks offlist, but I can't believe we have gone this long since 
the release, and as far as I can recall, nobody has chimed in here at the 
naglist with either an "It Rocks!!" or an "It Sucks!!"

What gives?  I've been busy too, but when a new Kirk release doesn't even 
garner any comments in the weeks to follow, well, I gotta wonder why.

To start hopefully at least one reply here's a small take from me:  I 
received it xmas eve, and tossed it into the cd player.  I'll be honest, on 
first listen, I was looking for, I don't know, something either new, or 
earth-shatteringly beat driven that I would be worried about paint flaking 
off the walls.  Since neither of those two things happened, I played it 
again, and have to admit, ole Kirky seduced me again...I really dig the 
beats when he lays them down, and even though they weren't as heavy as I as 
hoping, Die Anglotzen pays the bills, and I like the disco swirl of 
Damascus.  The album has grown on me since.  I am still trying to decide if 
I like this dance party cd more or less than his other more thematic albums.

Anybody else have any other thoughts on this one?


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