[Nagnagnag] Nobody got URP for Christmas I guess?

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 8 16:20:04 EST 2004

Hey naggers,

Have the times changed that much?  A new Kirk album comes out, and the 
response on the nag list is nil?

We've talked about it a little at the Cab club, and I've exchanged a few 
emails with folks offlist, but I can't believe we have gone this long since 
the release, and as far as I can recall, nobody has chimed in here at the 
naglist with either an "It Rocks!!" or an "It Sucks!!"

What gives?  I've been busy too, but when a new Kirk release doesn't even 
garner any comments in the weeks to follow, well, I gotta wonder why.

To start hopefully at least one reply here's a small take from me:  I 
received it xmas eve, and tossed it into the cd player.  I'll be honest, on 
first listen, I was looking for, I don't know, something either new, or 
earth-shatteringly beat driven that I would be worried about paint flaking 
off the walls.  Since neither of those two things happened, I played it 
again, and have to admit, ole Kirky seduced me again...I really dig the 
beats when he lays them down, and even though they weren't as heavy as I as 
hoping, Die Anglotzen pays the bills, and I like the disco swirl of 
Damascus.  The album has grown on me since.  I am still trying to decide if 
I like this dance party cd more or less than his other more thematic albums.

Anybody else have any other thoughts on this one?



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