[Nagnagnag] Sweet Exorcist (Blackstrobe Live Edit)

paulus hook p_hook at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 30 13:09:20 EDT 2004

thierend at kochind.com [Danny Thieren] writes:

>There appears to be a 'Blackstrobe Live Edit' of Sweet Exorcist's
>'Test Four' on the 'Death Disco' compilation. Has anyone heard

The 'Blackstrobe Live Edit' is basically the same as the original,
so I would not bother buying it, even if you are an obsessed
Richard H. Kirk fan like Danny and myself.  Check out his 'remix'
for yourself: http://www.nuloop.com/Details_e.php?arti=24513.
Sample it here too: http://www.juno.co.uk/IP/IF135880-01.htm
(on this page, hidden mp3 links exist to the right of each title).

Ivan Smagghe (aka Blackstrobe) had a hit back in 2002 which
was released on the UK imprint Output (see 'Me and Madonna':
http://www.nuloop.com/Details_e.php?arti=19490).  He has since
co-opted the likes of Tones on Tail on Tigersushi's 2003 release,
'Kill the DJ (Exhibit A)'.  This time Ivan actually remixed the track:

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