Antw: RE: [Nagnagnag] Ku-ling Bros is also alive...

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Tue Aug 17 14:13:53 EDT 2004

Along with clubs in Scotland, Dada-respectives, etc?

Sorry, couldn't resist,


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>Just flipped through the current issue of the German Auf Abwegen zine in 
>which a CV / Kirk interview can be found where he states that Watson left 
>CV in 1982 and Mal in 1993 and therefore the use of the name is his heir 
>alone now....
>At 09:21 17.08.2004, you wrote:
> >?Cabs resucitated................
> >
> >I heard this rumour when I was at the live DVDrecording of TG at the 
> >that maybe maybe the Cabs would be doing a one off at next years 
>RETG2005. Is
> >there anyone on this list who heard this rumour as well or knows more on 
> >
> >Robert
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