[Nagnagnag] tg: re: refugee show

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 27 00:03:06 EDT 2004

I was a bit surprised...and then not surprised at all.  I think surprised 
most that it wasn't sold out (note to promoters: invite Kraftwerk if you 
would like to sell-out).  I had seriously considered going, just to catch 
Kirk (and drink beer) but the whole three day encampment thing was not 
enticing to say the least.

Jon:  I wish you the best on your trip.


ps.  Are we all consoling ourselves with the mother lode of all Kirk getting 
released, er, if he keeps this up, I'm going to run out of fingers to count 

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>Why am I not surprised this got postponed?  Too good to be true.
>Now, when Cabaret Voltaire reunites WITH Chris Watson, then I will get 
>On Apr 26, 2004, at 8:16 PM, Jon Whitney wrote:
>>in the wake of the cancellation of the tg:re event, i'm possibly help
>>arrange together some sort of events in Leeds UK for may 14th/15th
>>all hope is not lost for those who bought air fare tickets to the show
>>stay tuned to brainwashed because this could develop very quickly
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