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>From Playing By Ear's forthcoming list:



RELEASE DATE: 05/11/2004:

$10 KIRK, RICHARD H.: Detonate/Reworks EP 12" (KIRK 006EP). "Newly remixed by Richard H Kirk, this 4 track EP is the perfect companion to the forthcoming Earlier/Later double CD anthology. Released on vinyl only these mixes are exclusive and won't be part of the CD set."

$10 SANDOZ: Return to the Heart of Darkness/Reworks EP 12" (KIRK 007EP). "Originally recorded in 1992 and newly remixed by Richard H Kirk, this 4 track EP is the perfect companion to the forthcoming Digital Lifeforms double CD re-issue. Released on vinyl only these mixes are exclusive and won't be part of the CD set."

RELEASE DATE: 05/18/2004

$20 KIRK, RICHARD H.: Earlier/Later: Unreleased Projects Anthology 74/89 2CD (KIRK 006CD). "Selected from over seven hours of archive recordings, the majority of which has never before been available, Earlier/Later - Unreleased Projects Anthology 74/89 documents a fifteen-year period of private research and personal development by Richard H. Kirk. Committed to cassette and then forgotten, they have been transferred onto CD with a minimum postproduction. Throughout the two CD release is evidence of Kirk reinventing himself through the sparse dynamics of dance music and laying down the groundwork for his later Sandoz and Sweet Exorcist projects. The earliest material, recorded onto open-reel tape machines using the most basic equipment, is raw and inventive."

$20 SANDOZ: Digital Lifeforms Redux 2CD (KIRK 007CD). "As a founder member of Sheffield's legendary electronic cut and paste experimentalists Cabaret Voltaire and as a solo artist in his own right, Richard H. Kirk has been involved in electronic music and its development for over 30 years. Disc one of this set comprises the tracks that made up the original Digital Lifeforms CD release (1993) while the material on the second disc was recorded during the same period and with the exception of two tracks has remained unreleased until present. It's an account of how the Sandoz project developed and includes the first recorded Sandoz track, 'Medium Cool'. Richard still makes excellent Sandoz records with roots that are very much traceable to Digital Lifeforms and amongst the heated tribal rhythms, chanting samples and alchemic electronics there are some real moments on the set. Like the free-floating funk of 'Human Spirit' with it's understated crescendo of tribal vocal lick and May-an drum-splatters that leave you hanging for more, there's the cooled-out head-hypnotiser 'Drum Meditation', the smouldering warehouse party energy of 'Zombie Astral', the future/past electro twin-tank of 'Beam' and 'Steel Tabernacle' and the cinematic electric voodoo-dub of 'White Darkness' that's full of multi-coloured echoed fx flicking out of the speakers like paint leaving the brush of Pollock. And that's all before the previously secret sonic-sorcery on disc two. As a collection it crystallizes much of what was happening in the electronic scene of the early nineties and helps define a period that facilitated in the acceptability of new sounds. Digital Lifeforms is often recommended as one of the essential electronic albums from the period, but this re-issue shows that its simple musical beauty has transcended well the cycles of time."


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